What can I do for you?

I design and implement high-quality software systems using my 30+ years of software experience:

  • Web sites, REST APIs, databases, apps
  • With frameworks like Ionic, Flask, MySQL, AWS, Linux
  • In Typescript, HTML, CSS, Python, Java, PHP, etc.
  • And with clear technical documentation

Feedback from clients:

“Working with Paul has been a breath of fresh air. He delivered everything we asked for in a timely manner, updated us with clear documentation, and was able to solve many of our IT issues that others had not. I know I will be working with Paul again; he is capable, well organized, and a good listener.”

– Daniel Halsey, Natural Capital, LLC



I've designed and implemented:

  • Web sites, databases, and process automation for a bioinformatics company
  • Custom software and technical support for the Natural Capital Plant Database
  • A standalone Raspberry Pi-based communication center for mobile device users:
  • Key components in worldwide certification exam delivery systems


Why "Earth People Share"?

My company name comes from the three ethics of Permaculture, a design system for long-term sustainability:

  • Care for the Earth
  • Care for People
  • Help everyone get a fair Share